Welcome to the Olive Mediation Group website - we provide FMCA online family mediation

I'm Simon Horne, Service Director at the Olive Mediation Group, and I specialise in online workplace and family mediation.  

If you find yourself caught up in a dispute or disagreement, I will work with you, and with the other person or people involved, to help you find constructive, practical ways forward, and a lasting resolution - lasting because you make the choices.

I'm a family mediator qualified to practice in Scotland as well as in England and Wales, as I am accredited with the Family Mediation Council (FMCA) and with Relationships Scotland (CFMR).

Independent   Confidential   Safe Space

Independent and impartial, I give you a confidential safe space so you can talk through what's important, explore possible options and choose workable solutions.  

I will help you find solutions that are right for you, solutions that will last because you have control over them.

I work closely with your legal advisors so that everything is focussed on you and the other person resolving the issues between you constructively.