Testimonials and Endorsements

"I can only describe Simon's handling of these sessions as outstanding. He was able to grasp the legal aspects of every case very quickly, and always provided an accurate and helpful explanation to the parties where required. He easily established contact with the parties in the most difficult situations, demonstrated the ability to understand and empathise with every individual participant."

AK, Solicitor

"You can really tell you enjoy your job and are passionate about what you do which definitely reflects on how much easier the process was for a worried parent like myself.  Thank you so much, Simon, for everything."
JS, Client

"You were extremely professional, compassionate and patient, thank you."

JT, Client

"Thank you, I felt supported all through the mediation sessions.  It was difficult but I feel we got the best outcome we could."

MD, Client

"I was really pleased to come to a resolution after the issues had gone on for so long. Thank you once again for your support."

MS, Client

"He employed his mediation skills to excellent effect and is always my first choice if mediation is needed. He succeeded in bringing two parties to agreement in a seemingly unresolvable and complex situation involving legislation, procedures and challenging personalities."

CM, Client

"Thank you for the impressive mediation work that you undertook today, and for your time, consideration and professionalism which I greatly appreciate and admire.  Your considerable efforts were most helpful in us moving forwards."

MJ, Client

"With his life experience, patient narration, respectful questioning and attentive listening, within a relatively short time frame he was able to assist the parties in seeing their position in a different light and discovering avenues for resolution they would previously think unimaginable. Simon is a very talented mediator possessing every skill needed to assist in the resolution of the most complex and delicate disputes.”

PM, Solicitor

"Your calm nature, sense of humour and a real sense of being listened to make you a natural mediator."

RM, Client

"I was most impressed with your mediator skills – you clearly have great ability for this most demanding, fascinating and rewarding work."

MR, Family Law Barrister and Accreditation Assessor with 35 years' mediation experience

"I valued your ability to calm a tense situation.  You have an aura of calmness and patience which is infectious. I valued your sense of humour and ability to laugh at yourself and see the funny side of tricky situations, and I valued your wisdom."

JW, Family Law Barrister