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A. Family and Relationships   

This government website has a wide range of information and sources of advice, including:

Mediation to solve problems when you split up

Preparing children for the end of your relationship

Parents’ contact with children after divorce or separation  

If you’re worried your child will be taken overseas without permission   

Grandparents’ contact with children after parental divorce or separation   


Wikivorce is a website with a wide range of information and advice on all matters relating to divorce and separation. 


Relate offers advice, relationship counselling, sex therapy, workshops,  consultations and support face-to-face, by phone and through their website.

Women's Aid  

Women's Aid is the key national charity working to end domestic violence against women and children. They support a network of over 500 domestic and sexual violence services across the UK.

National Domestic Violence Helpline   

The Freephone 24 Hour National Domestic Violence Helpline, run in partnership between Women's Aid and Refuge, is a national service for women experiencing domestic violence, their family, friends, colleagues and others calling on their behalf. 

The Mankind Initiative   

A confidential helpline for male victims of domestic violence and abuse that welcome calls from all men - in heterosexual or same-sex relationships.  The advice line offers emotional support, practical advice and information on a wide range of services for further help and support. Its focus is to increase the safety of men experiencing domestic violence (and the safety of their children) and reduce the risk.

Respect Phoneline   

The Respect Helpline is a confidential helpline for domestic violence perpetrators (male, female, in heterosexual or same-sex relationships). They offer information and advice to support perpetrators stop their violence and change their abusive behaviours. Its  main focus is to increase the safety of those experiencing domestic violence by engaging with the abusers and to reduce the risk. They also provide information for domestic violence perpetrator programmes.

Families Need Fathers   

Families Need Fathers seeks to obtain, for the children, the best possible blend of both parents in the lives of children; enough for the children to realise that both parents are fully involved in their lives.

Match Mothers  

MATCH is a charity that offers non-judgemental support and information to mothers apart from their children in a wide variety of circumstances.

When Parents Part  

When Parents Part is a project supported by The Strengthening Families Grant. It set out to explore children’s perspectives when parents part and make the findings available to parents, young people, mediators, solicitors and others working in this field. 

Grandparents Association  

The Grandparents Association promotes full participation by grandparents to ensure that contact is maintained between grandparents and their grandchildren when the family unit breaks down or there is conflict.

Family Lives   

Family Lives is a national charity providing help and support in all aspects of family life. It offers support through the website, a helpline and by email.

B. Community disputes  

This government website has a wide range of information and sources of advice, including:

Solving a dispute with a neighbour    

C. Workplace disputes  

This government website has a wide range of information and sources of advice, including:

Mediation in Workplace Disputes  

Business Links  

The national online resource for businesses.

Resolving Workplace Disputes   

This is a government consultation paper, written in 2011, that outlines the government's policy on resolving workplace disputes


ACAS is an organisation devoted to preventing and resolving employment disputes.