If you have a complaint

Internal Complaints Handling Process

Olive Mediation Group actively welcomes both positive and negative feedback about our service.

It is essential to our business that we provide a service that meets people's needs and that we do so to the best of our ability.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with the service you have received from us please tell us as soon as possible so that we can improve our service or take steps to investigate any complaint and take action to rectify the problem to your satisfaction.

At the time of booking a case with us you will be notified of what you should do if we fail to meet your expectations.

If your concern is not dealt with initially to your satisfaction, you can make a formal complaint.  We will acknowledge your complaint promptly, normally the same day we receive it. 

Your complaint will be investigated and dealt with by the Service Director, Simon Horne. He will contact you by phone to discuss your concerns within two working days of receiving your complaint.  He will talk with the members of staff involved, ensure that service policies and procedures have been adhered to and he will send you a letter outlining his findings and any corrective action that needs to be taken within five working days of receiving your complaint.

If your complaint is about Simon Horne, please contact Olive Mediation Group's Professional Practice Consultant, Lorraine Bramwell (contact details below).  She will respond to your complaint normally to the same timescale as above.

All of Olive Mediation Group’s mediators receive regular external supervision and undergo annual professional training.

Further Options

If our response through the internal complaints handling process does not resolve the situation to your satisfaction you may contact

a) For England and Wales: the Civil Mediation Council (contact details below).

b) For Scotland: Scottish Mediation (contact details below).

These bodies will follow their published complaints handling schemes and they will inform you of the process and timescales.   We will assist these organisations in full with any enquiries they make.

Documents and Record Keeping

We will ensure all documents and data relating to any complaint are kept confidential and only disclosed so far as is necessary for:

a) the investigation and resolution of the complaint

b) internal review for the purposes of improving our practice and developing our training

c) complying with requests from the Civil Mediation Council or Scottish Mediation in the exercise of their monitoring and auditing functions.

A record will be kept of each complaint, all steps taken in response to it and the outcome of the complaint, together with a copy of all correspondence, including email, and all other documents generated in response to the complaint.  

Complaints will be reviewed annually by Olive Mediation Group’s Practice Board in order to identify any recurring concerns or trends so that we can rectify them and put in place training requirements. 

Our Response to Complaints:

1. We will acknowledge your complaint promptly, normally the same day we receive it.

2. Your complaint will be investigated and dealt with by Simon Horne, Olive Mediation Group’s Service Director.  He will contact you with his findings within five working days of receiving your complaint.

3. If your complaint is about Simon Horne, Olive Mediation Group's Professional Practice Consultant will contact you, normally within a similar timescale.

4. If you are unhappy with the outcome of our internal complaints handling process, you may take the matter to the Civil Mediation Council (England and Wales) or to Scottish Mediation (Scotland). 

Contacts regarding a complaint

Simon Horne can be contacted regarding any concern or complaint you may have:  

Simon Horne,

Service Director

Olive Mediation Group

22 Montrose Street

Glasgow  G1 1RE

Tel: 0141 212 6349 or 07733 960056

Email: simon.horne@omgmediation.com

If the concern is about Simon Horne, please contact:

Lorraine Bramwell,

Professional Practice Consultant

LBA Mediation

Windmill Hill Business Park

Whitehill Way

Swindon SN5 6QR

Tel: 01793 887227

Email: lorraine.bramwell@bestwayforward.com

The Civil Mediation Council can be contacted at: 

The Registrar

Civil Mediation Council

70 Fleet Street

London EC4Y 1EU

Tel: 020 7353 3227

Email: registrar@civilmediation.org

Scottish Mediation can be contacted at:

Scottish Mediation

18 York Place

Edinburgh EH1 3EP

Tel: 0131 556 1221

Email: admin@scottishmediation.org.uk